I have had the Weller WES51 soldering iron now for about a week now and have been able to use if a little bit. Compared to other soldering irons I have used this one feels much more solid. This is the first soldering iron that I have used with an adjustable temperature and now that I have it, there is no way I would give it up.


If you are planning on providing workers this soldering iron for assemble it gives you the option of locking the temperature with a magnetic pen. The same pen also allows for you to switch the know from Fahrenheit to Celsius. I have not tried either of these features because I have not need to lock the temperature or change the units of measurement, but it could be useful for other people.

The stand is also a nice feature to have. While it is nothing fancy, the stand comes with a sponge for cleaning your tip and prevents accidentally burning your table. Overall this is a pretty solid iron that I expect will last me a long time.