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If you have an article about electronics or a tutorial on writing code, using a code library, circuits, making electronics, 3D printing, or anything computer related that is your own original content and would like to have it published on this blog please submit it to submit@letsmaketech.com. If your content is published on another website or your own, provide links and proof that it is your own or have the right to allow me to publish it. By submitting you agree that the work is your own original work and accept any liability for it being published on my site. 

What gets accepted is at my own discretion. I may suggest edits before posting, but never make them on my own without your approval. If your content is approved you will be given credit as a guest blogger, be able to link to your own website site/s and social media. You are not entitled to any monetary compensation for your work or a percentage of the income your content brings. 

Why you might want to publish your content on my site?

1. To direct traffic from my site to yours by providing a link. This is free advertising for you.

2. You have something you want to share with the world. You know something and would like to teach others.

Submit your article in plain text with any images or videos that you want to be included as email attachments or give the URL. Just like the article, by submitting you agree that the images and videos you submit are your own original work, or that you have permission to use them.

Submit your content to submit@letsmaketech.com.